2018 Vibrational Medicine/Medical Intuitive
9 Month Certification Program - Kansas City


Vibrational Gateways Institute was founded in 1995 by Larry Herbig, DC who personally trained hundreds of students before he retired in 2008. The original school now continues with one of Dr. Herbig's advanced students, CJ Martes who has worked with clients worldwide for over 20 years. Her unique specific client experience in the field of Vibrational Medicine/Medical Intuitive will offer you an in-depth and grounded training program to become a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner.

Our Certification Training Program is specifically designed for those interested in pursuing a professional career in the alternative health field as a medical intuitive, intuitive counselor or vibrational healing practitioner. It is also recommended for those who are interested in integrating their advanced intuitive skills into their existing career or profession.

Our mission is to offer an in-depth curriculum that will provide you with a deep understanding of how to detect, evaluate and transform the subtle energy systems within the body. Our certification program will allow you to see the world in terms of vibrational frequencies; provide a foundation of knowledge of the human body, teach you practical methods for pinpointing physical imbalances and how to restore these imbalances using directed energy techniques.

Program Benefits

Past participants have come from a wide variety of both professional and non-professional groups, including nurses, energy healers, massage therapist and bodyworkers, intuitive practitioners, psychotherapists, counselors, chiropractors, ministers, teachers, reiki masters, teachers, spiritual seekers, etc. You do not require a background as a healer in order to participate in this program.

Benefits of the program:

  • Learn how all issues in your life are a direct result of blocked energy flow or stored emotional energy, and learn how to work with energy so you are no longer going “against the flow.”
  • Learn how to increase the power and effectiveness of any healing technique you may currently using by utilizing Vibrational Healing simultaneously.
  • Learn how to start a career in Vibrational Healing or as a Medical Intuitive, or include additional services that you can offer to your clients.
  • Learn how to strengthen your own energy field and become more resilient against viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, destructive energies and emotions, electro-magnetic radiation, stress, environmental toxins, and more.
  • Learn how to see auras, “read” subtle energies and tune into the invisible world of vibration.
  • Learn the powerful, directed energy technique called Attunement, the one technique designed to help increase the outward flow of spiritual energy from within the endocrine system, where all healing begins.
  • Learn the incredible art of tracking your thoughts and being more aware of your emotions.
  • Learn how to attract greater abundance, success and health in your life by changing your false beliefs.
  • Learn how to scan yourself, your family, friends and clients or patients for the exact cause of physical problems, and learn Vibrational Healing techniques to help remove those causes.
  • Increase your own vibrant health by learning how to identify and then remove energy blocks to your healing.
  • Learn how to use the incredible power of your mind so that it works with you, rather than against you.
  • Learn how to become of Master of Energy, Vibrational Healing and to develop skills as a Medical Intuitive.
  • Enhance your own spiritual path and develop your conscious understanding of the vibrational world.

Teaching Module Overview

Module 1: Our Vibrational World - March 2-3,2019

This module takes an in-depth look at the vast amount of energy frequencies present in our modern world. There are a vast array of vibrational energies that are encountered every day whether you can perceive them with your normal senses or not. It's important to understand how these energies can affect the physical body. You will also learn the optimal frequencies for various physical systems. Understanding the inter-play between these energies at the subtle or quantum level is a crucial aspect of training for any healer.

This module can be taken as a stand alone training class without being on the certification track. Excellent course for massage therapists and other alternative health practitioners.

Module 2: Energy Anatomy & Physiology - April 6-7, 2019

This module covers all energy systems in the human body and provides a foundation of basic human anatomy. You will learn in -depth about the various energy systems of the body, such as: the aura, the etheric template, the chakra system, endocrine system, meridians, chi, and kundalini. During this weekend, we will also explore the impact of our brain and how we encode thoughts, convert them to matter, and how thoughts can be stored within specific areas of the body.

This module can be taken as a stand alone training class without being on the certification track. Excellent course for massage therapists and other alternative health practitioners.

Module 3: Dynamics of Health & Disease - May 4-5, 2018

This module explores the root of where all disease begins. You will understand the various schools of thought in the medical profession and how alternative healing emerged. You will earn about the various factors that create dissonance and eventually disease in the physical body. We will explore the impact of emotional, nutritional, geopathic and environmental stressors on the body. You will learn how various traumas impact health and healing. We will explore the vibrational causes of common diseases and how you might work with them to correct dysfunction. And much more!

This module can be taken as a stand alone training class without being on the certification track. Excellent course for massage therapists and other alternative health practitioners.

Module 4: Developing Subtle Energy Senses - June 1-2,2018

In this module we will discuss, learn and demonstrate the various ways that we perceive subtle energy. You will learn how to: strengthen your own energy field; protect yourself energetically; intuitively scan the body; and use a pendulum accurately to answer health questions. There will be a lot of experiential exercises in this module to help you access, increase or enhance your subtle energy senses.

Prerequisites: Modules 1, 2 and 3 must be taken in order to enroll in this course.

Module 5: Working w/ Energy Currents - July 6-7,2018

This module focuses on enhancing your ability to move or flow energy, either in person or long distance. You will learn a directed energy technique called attunement which was founded in 1929 by Lloyd A. Meeker. Attunement allows you to generate a strong, coherent light field, in order to correct energy blockages and imbalances. Many other energy techniques only channel energy through the practitioner, rather than generating it. You will learn a variety of specific attunement techniques for a variety of health issues and to balance various systems in the body.

Prerequisites: Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 must be taken in order to enroll in this course.

Module 6: Medical Intuitive Protocols - August 3-4,2018

This final module focuses on how to approach a medical intuitive consultation, practice ethics, and managing client sessions in person and long distance. You will be taught how to use various scanning charts for evaluating the various physical and energetic systems in the body

Prerequisites: Modules 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 must be taken in order to enroll in this course.

Practicum Modules for Hands-on Practice

The practicum weekends take learning out of the classroom style and into hands on experience working with volunteer clients under the supervision of the instructor. These modules can only be taken if Modules 1-6 are completed. After three practicum weekends, you will become a Certified Vibrational Healer/Medical Intuitive and receive your framed certificate from Vibrational Gateways Institute.

2019 Practicum Dates: Oct. 5-6, Nov. 2-3, & Dec. 7-8, 2019

General Questions about the Program & Costs

What materials will I receive?
If you are on the certification track, the first module of the program, you will receive a 3-inch, three ring binder for organizing your handouts, charts and personal notes. You will bring this with you to each weekend module in order to add to it. If you are not on the certification track and are taking Modules 1, 2 or 3 as a stand alone, you will receive a half-inch binder with the single module materials.

What time do the modules start and end?
On Saturdays the instruction time will start at 8:00am and end at 5:30pm, with an hour for lunch. On Sundays the instruction will start at 9:00am and end at 1:00pm. We will have a 1/2 hour break for sack lunch or snacks.

Where will the training be held?
The training will be held in the main downstairs event space at Heart of the Dove KC, 4327 Troost, Kansas City, MO 64113

How much does a single module or the entire certification program cost?
Each module is $250 for instruction both days and all the manual materials. The entire 9 Month Certification Program if paid monthly will be $2,250.00. If full program prepaid by March 1, you will receive a $25 discount per module and the entire prgroam cost is $2,025.00.

Early Bird Discount: If pre-paid before Feb 1, 2018, you will receive a $50 discount on all 9 modules and the program prepaid cost is only: $1,800.00. Click here to enroll now or request additional information.

How can I learn more information?
CJ Martes is hosting free informational sessions up until March to talk about the program and answer any questions you may have.

Upcoming Information Sessions:
Please check back for info nights in 2019

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