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A powerful spiritual teacher, consciousness expert and innovative thinker, CJ Martes has spent the past two decades touching the lives of thousands around the world. As one of the world’s leading Akashic Field Theorists and founder of Akashic Field Therapy™ (AFT), she unites penetrating scientific insight and ancient knowledge to help individuals resolve traumas and realize their full mental, spiritual and physical potential.

Since childhood, CJ’s life has been rooted in spiritual awakenings and intuitive experiences. From an early age, she learned to channel her energies to promote healing and greater well-being in others. She received a spiritual re-awakening at the age of 28, and was re-energized by the clarity of her purpose: to advance mankind as a whole by working to heal the individual from suffering.

CJ immersed herself in the study of quantum physics, full body scanning, anatomy and vibrational healing. As a Certified Attunement and Full Body Scan Practitioner, she spent more than a decade helping individuals create their greatest healing potential through vibrational medicine. She also continued her research of religions, customs and cultures around the world through independent studies and extensive global travels.

In 2004, CJ united her spiritual gifts with razor sharp insight into the fields of behavioral, transpersonal and integral therapies, as well as spiral dynamics and quantum physics, to create a power therapy called AFT. She soon earned critical acclaim and recognition for her pioneering work, including official endorsement from Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Ervin Laszlo, PhD. Today, CJ is dedicated to advancing AFT throughout the globe, helping individuals of all nationalities, beliefs and faiths obtain a greater quality of life by releasing limiting subconscious beliefs and negative behavioral patterns.

The amazing success of AFT has led to increasing demand for this highly effective wellness modality. CJ has responded by successfully training and certifying more than 50 AFT Practitioners around the world, including the US, Canada, Europe and India. New in 2009 is a three-level system that makes AFT more accessible as a powerful self healing tool.

As audiences turn to CJ for spiritual and intellectual guidance, she continues to share her vast insights and experiences through a myriad of mediums. A prolific writer, her published works include magazine articles, health and wellness columns, online spiritual resources, and literary novels. She is also a sought-after speaker whose dynamic, charismatic style captivates audiences in intimate gatherings and large event venues alike.

CJ’s debut book on this exciting new field, Akashic Field Affirmations: Heal the Past and Create Your Future, continues to touch and transform the lives of readers worldwide. Her highly anticipated follow-up reviewing the results of five years of research, Akashic Consciousness: Claiming the Cosmos, will be released in 2010.

An advocate for world peace and the end of human suffering, CJ is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist, performs charitable work for Tibetan refugees in India, and is pursuing her Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology.

To contact CJ for speaking engagements, private sessions, trainings or workshops email cj@cjmartes.com or call 800-604-9967

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