Akashic Field Therapy TM Frequently Asked Questions

Many normal questions arise about sessions, here are some of the most common:

How are sessions done, especially if I'm not seen in person?
The wonderful thing about these sessions is you not have to be in person or on the phone to have one. Reading information from the Akashic Field is done using very minimal information: full name and birthdate. All information, results and interpretations are recorded onto your own audio cassette which is sent to you via US Priority Mail or Global Priority Mail if not in the Continental United States.

Is this like getting an Akashic Record Reading or Psychic Reading?
Yes and No. It is similar to a reading in that spiritual intuition is used to provide an accurate interpretation of the information found, however it is not limited to just a few past lives or a reading of information. The way it differs is the depth of real information about limiting beliefs, traumas and other negative patterns that directly influence your life now and your potential future possibilities.

How are the patterns identified?
Through CJ's research into various methods of psychology, quantum healing and other holistic methodologies has developed a set of 17 charts that encompass the majority of patterns that could be present for a person. These charts are used to provide very real and beneficial insight into sub-conscious states that cause you to block positive potentials in your life. Dowsing is used to locate the specific patterns on the indicated charts for you.

Is it possible to do a session for a child?
Children also carry various blocking patterns into a life experience just as adults do. Even with a younger child who is not consciously aware of the session material have shown tremendous benefit from this work. A child session consists of 3 major life programs and is less cost than an adult session. The cost for a child's session is $125.00. A child is considered from birth to 16 years of age.

What information do I need to give CJ for this session?
CJ needs your full name, birth date and a photograph to conduct your session. Photographs are not necessary, that is the personal preference of CJ to see who she's working with.

What if I'm on a fixed or limited income?
If you cannot afford the regular rates for CJ's sessions, please contact her and let her know about your situation so that she can discuss her sliding scale rates with you. She does not want money to be a reason for not scheduling if you feel AFT will help you.

What if I do not live in the United States, can I still receive a session?
Yes, CJ works with a number of client's internationally and can determine the most appropriate shipping to your country. All sessions are conducted in English.

What address should I mail my information to for a session?
You can mail your full name, birth date, mailing address, phone, photograph and your payment with shipping to:

CJ Martes
PO Box 142
Greenwood, MO 64034.
CJ will contact you by either phone or email and advise you that she has received your materials and when your session will be conducted. Most sessions are conducted within 1 week of receiving your materials and payment.

How can I learn more?
Read CJ's recent online article on this method: Akashic Field Therapy SMAn integral method of quantum healing.

If you have any additional questions about whether this method is right for you, simply call CJ at: 800-604-9967.

Disclaimer: Akashic Field TherapySM is not meant to treat any physical or emotional ailments that should be evaluated by a medical doctor or psychiatrist. If you feel you need a doctor or psychiatrist you are advised to consult one. Our method is to be used as a personal development and/or spiritual growth modality and should not take the place of qualified medical advice.

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