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What to expect when you schedule a session...

The following shows the flow from scheduling to completion of an AFT Session with CJ.

Step One- Request Session

Fill out the schedule a session form and finalize your session payment either online via credit card or by mailing a check or money order to the mailing address. In your session request you can choose the audio format for your session information. It can be recorded onto an audio cassette, Audio CD, or Computer CD (MP3 format).
What information do you have provide about your life?

The answer is either: a lot, none or somewhere in between. What I mean by this answer is, YOU as the client set the focus of your session.

You can choose to provide background information for your session. If you provide information such as common areas of concern in your life, career issues, relationship problems or others. You program your session based on your intentions. If you do this then the life programs that come up as your priorities will be related to your questions.

You can choose to provide nothing at all about yourself. If you simply want to see whatever comes up, then the 5 life programs that come out in your session will represent the 5 most important things you need to know. These are your priority issues that block the most energy in your life. The life programs can represent all areas of your life.

Step Two- Your Client File is Created

I will review your email or letter and prepare your client file. This is where all session materials, photo (if provided) and the notes of your session(s) are kept.

Step Three- Session Scheduled

I will contact you to let you know that I am putting you on my schedule. If an email is provided, I will contact you that way to let you know what day you’ve been placed on my calendar. In most cases, your session will be completed within one week of receiving all your materials.

Step Four- Discovery of Your Blocking Life Programs

On the date you are scheduled, we will not speak via telephone. Using the charts in the AFT method, I uncover groups of blocked patterns that I call a life program. If you requested a full session, I will find 5 life programs. If you requested a short session, I will find 3 life programs. All of the patterns in the life programs are recorded onto a client session sheet. Each life program will have a soul intention, a holographic level and if needed an associated follow-up practice (home work).
Helpful Terms to Understand for your session.

AFT Charts
There are 17 charts and 1 master chart in the AFT Method. A chart is a table of rows and columns with numbered items in each box. Through dowsing these charts I am guided to each pattern. The charts in the method are called: Core Fears, Core Beliefs, Emotional Blocks, Routines, Situational Triggers, Emotional States, Secondary Fears, Limiting Beliefs, Condemning Thoughts, Myths and Masks, Stored Traumas, Polarity Traps and Associated Characters.

Blocking Pattern
A specific item found on any of the AFT charts.

Life Program
A group of 5-7 associated patterns from any combination of the AFT Charts.

Growth Potential
A special chart that identifies what quality you are trying to learn about in a more profound and deep way. That quality is being blocked from full expression due to an unresolved trauma in your Akashic Field.

Trauma Scale
This scale 1-100 tell us the severity of the impact on your daily life due to the trauma.

Step Five- Recording of your Session Findings

I will guide you through the session findings in great detail one life program at a time. I interpret the information. I review the findings and help you to understand how the patterns can affect you and show up in your daily life as different types of behaviors. I teach you a clearing technique through deep breathing that I will coach you through on the recording. I will do a clearing request on your behalf that addresses each pattern I have found.

Step Six- Shipment of your Materials

After all the session findings, interpretations and clearings are recorded they are sent to you via priority mail. If you have provided an email address, then you will receive tracking information. In your package is your audio cassette or CD, a copy of your filled out client session sheet, session sheets and homework materials.

Step Seven- Schedule Phone Session

Once you have the opportunity to review your package materials and listen to your session, then you contact me to let me know you are ready. We will schedule a half our phone consultation at a convenient time. Your phone session is scheduled as soon as possible. I recommend that you review your recording 2 times. Once to absorb the information and then once to make note of any questions you may have for me. There is so much information included in your session that an additional review will allow you the maximum benefit during our phone time.

Step Eight- Phone Session

I will contact you at our scheduled appointment time. You do not have to pay for the phone call. During this time, I can answer any questions you may have about the session. You may also ask anything about your life that you’d like assistance with. Our consultation time is not limited only to those items addressed in your session.

How can I learn more?
Read CJ's recent online article on this method: Akashic Field Therapy SMAn integral method of quantum healing.

Note for people who are in fixed or low income situations
If you cannot afford the regular rates for CJ's sessions, please contact her and let her know about your situation so that she can discuss her sliding scale rates with you. She does not want money to be a reason for not scheduling if you feel AFT will help you.

If you have any additional questions about whether this method is right for you, simply call CJ at: 800-604-9967.

Disclaimer: Akashic Field TherapySM is not meant to treat any physical or emotional ailments that should be evaluated by a medical doctor or psychiatrist. If you feel you need a doctor or psychiatrist you are advised to consult one. Our method is to be used as a personal development and/or spiritual growth modality and should not take the place of qualified medical advice.

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