One of the best things I could have done for myself was to take CJís class on Akashic Field Therapy. After taking the class, I felt confident that I could accurately perform AFT for myself, and others. CJ does a great job integrating the knowledge necessary to perform this work. Whatís nice about this class is that it really offers a dual purpose; you can use Akashic Field Therapy simply for your own personal healing and growth, and/or help others heal as well. I personally use AFT on a regular basis and have shared it with others. Everyone is amazed at how accurate the information is. Iíve utilized many forms of healing, AFT is the one I would recommend first.- Starr

Thought you might like to hear about the energy around me that not merely moved, but rocketed! As I mentioned in class Sunday morning. I had been in discussions with a plastic surgeon to have my birth mark removed. That I even started down this path, although have always wanted to, was I think due to the work of a practitioner I see. But other than my initiating this, NOTHING was happening the surgeon was not keeping me apprised of what, if anything, he was doing with the insurance company. This has been hanging and twisting in the wind since April.I did that mini-clearing for myself Sunday before class. After the class and the weekend were over, I opened a letter from the insurance company on Monday morning to find they will cover up to 5 sessions (he is hoping to complete in 3)! This sounds to me like an example of energy moving either with intention or a lovely preemptive response from non-locality. In any caseis it wildly exciting. I immediately scheduled my first appointment for June 29th @ 9 am. I am so excited. My thanks to you and to the group for all that powerful, affirming, and earth moving energy!- J.T.
So much thanks for the awesome experiences of the training. You are wonderful! I'm very excited to have such a powerful resource now available to me and my dear family. I thank you with all my heart for the time and energy and wisdom you give me and so many. Love & Gratitude, S.S.
I wanted to take this time to thank you for having such an awesome workshop. I really loved listening to CJ Martes. I discovered that I had already access some of these tools for quantum healing and I believe that through my Yoga practice I've received these awakenings, but hearing CJ Saturday made all of my thoughts become real and organized them so that I am understanding these tools fully. AWESOME I get so awe struck when I realize how incredibly easy it is to live in this life if we could only learn to live from our Hearts but it is so difficult too and we know intuitively to live this way but, we don't listen. -K.C.
Thank you for the great workshop on Saturday and for taking the time to have dinner with me. I know great things are going to happen and everything is going to positive from here on. That quantum healing really worked. On Sunday I saw my first aura around someone and then the two angels behind him. I was so excited that I didn't hear anything he said and he was not a person to believe it if I had told him. I actually saw and not felt!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. - C. Jones
Thanks CJ - your training was an "awakening" for me. Many things happened on the spiritual level! One was that the spirit of my father came to me on the Sunday evening after the workshop. I was going to sleep and had moved my radio back into my bedroom as my friends Judith and Wayne were using my room whil they were visiting. I "decided" to turn on the radio and a station I never knew about came on and was playing "old-time country music!!!" Seems like he is letting e know I cna "tune in" to him on lthe spiritual level now that I am releasing him on the physical level. Love,D.M
I hesitate to say what the event did for me, but I will say this, my left shoulder has been bothering me (I'm thinking it may be a pinched nerve) and laying during the quantum healing it was a bit uncomfortable but since then it hasn't been. I know it's not totally fixed, but the tingling in my arm hasn't been going on since yesterday!

I will be in touch with you and thank you so much for your inspiring workshop!

-Many Blessings,R.W

I am thankful to have met you and to experience you gift of quantum healing. I was very intrigued by your brief talk and description after class on how the Universe was created. I have always known as a little child that this was the way Universe came into being. I find it incredible how you just know some thing how it makes you feels or resonates inside your body. -T.R
I thought C.J. had a beautiful prescence--very nice eyes. A lot of what she said re-iterated things I already know but I always learn more and cannot hear such info. often enough. I'm sure for people younger than I and on a different path some of it was totally new. For me the clearing during class had the greatest effect. Although I was just sitting calmly in the lotus position I started having popping sounds in my ears and twitching in my limbs. That evening I had a waking dream that I cannot fully remember except I know that some sort of healing was being done on my heart by some sort of outside force. Thank you so much and God Bless you and C.J.

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