Seraphim Fire Healing

A new energy healing technique given to CJ Martes by a group of 13 Seraphim Angels in 2015. This method offers people a direct infusion of pure grace from the Creator.

A healing session using this method helps your body to increase and more effectively utilize your own inner spiritual radiance (grace) for the purposes of greater consciousness and deeper healing of trauma at all levels: physical, mental and spiritual.

The energy your receive in a session continues for a minimum of 72 hours and even up to one week later.


Increased mental clarity
Calms anxiety
Emotional Release
Accessing inner wisdom/intuition
Hormonal balance
Endocrine Repair
Nervous & Immune System Support

These are just some of the benefits of receiving a Seraphim Fire Healing.

Many clients report that after receiving the energy of multiple individual or group sessions, that they produce an ability to initiate growth experiences rapidly at many levels.

These sessions can continue and have a cummulative effect on a personís own ability to generate more grace within them. Essentially the more sessions you receive, the deeper the positive effects are to their overall state of wellbeing.

Group Healing Events, Wednesday Evenings
When: Every other Wednesday evening Time: 7:00-8:30 pm
Location: Life Flow Connections, 4354 W 107th St.,Overland Park,KS
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Group Healing Events, Saturday Afternoons
When: Monthly Saturday from 2-4 pm
Location: Unity Village Administration Bldg (Fillmore Hall) 1901 NW Blue Pkwy, Unity Village, MO 64064, United States
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Individual Sessions
Held by Appointment. This can be done in-person or remotely,

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