Choosing the AFT Session that is right for you
You are interested in an AFT Session but selecting the best session for you might be confusing at first. Here's the session types and the key advantages of each so you can select which one is right for you.

TypeWhat is CoveredLengthUsesCost

AFT Mini SessionA Mini session reveals 1 Core Life Program, Interpretation and Integration Tools30 Minutes Prework

30 Minutes by Phone
This session is perfect for revealing a specific core issue related to something specific you wish to work on. It is also ideal for those who wish to try this method out without the investment of a longer, more in-depth session.$80.00

AFT Short SessionA Short session reveals 3 Core Life Programs, Interpretation and Integration Tools1 Hour Prework

Session CD

30 Minutes by Phone
This session is ideal for revealing a set of core issues related to either something specific you wish to work on or to look at your underlying issues overall. Session materials can be listened to multiple times and used for a greater length of growth than a Mini Session$175.00

AFT Full SessionA Full session reveals 5 Core Life Programs, Interpretation and Integration Tools1.5 Hour Prework

Session CD

60 Minutes by Phone
A full session allows you to achieve maximum results using this method. Can be used for either general or specific goals. Can create growth opportunties for up to a year following the initial receipt of materials and the phone follow-up.$275.00

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If you have any additional questions about whether this method is right for you, simply call CJ toll free at 800-604-9967.

Note for people who are in fixed or low income situations
If you cannot afford the regular rates for CJ's sessions, please contact her and let her know about your situation so that she can discuss her sliding scale rates with you. She does not want money to be a reason for not scheduling if you feel AFT will help you.

Disclaimer: Akashic Field TherapySM is not meant to treat any physical or emotional ailments that should be evaluated by a medical doctor or psychiatrist. If you feel you need a doctor or psychiatrist you are advised to consult one. Our method is to be used as a personal development and/or spiritual growth modality and should not take the place of qualified medical advice.

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